Software for the small winemaker
CellarMetrics manages everything from crush to bottling. Now available as shareware!
Packed with features

WineBottles ThumbAfter your wine is bottled, the Inventory keeps track of your stock. You can monitor bottle and case totals, designate sales, gifts and consumption, and calculate profits. And you will always know when its time to make more because you’re running low!

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Dollar_SmThumbFigure per bottle costs of all the wines you make without having to run a complicated accounting program.

Expenses provides a place to record costs, from raw materials and additives to hardware purchases. Assigning expenses to a batch either in part or full allows CellarMetrics to project your per bottle costs at any time along the way.

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Now Available as Shareware

Mouse Illustration 100pxSince it is Shareware, you can download and use CellarMetrics for FREE. Create real Batches and enter your data to get a feel for how it all works.  Or download a Working Sample, which has data for mockup Batches already installed.  Samples make it easy to understand how CellarMetrics’ timeline manages your winemaking. Either way you get to try it out before you decide to purchase.

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