Barrel Management

The Barrel feature in CellarMetrics allows you to log your barrels, assign them to batches by start and end date, and track the usage of each over its lifetime. You can enter new barrels or ones already in your inventory that have some use, and assign individual codes to them to keep everything organized when moving batches between them. At any time you can get up-to-date information on the days used for any barrel and the time it spent aging each batch it contained.

Barrel Detail no labels

Barrel Assignment
Assign your barrels to any batch using the Assign Barrels dialog. Select a batch to see the barrels that currently contain it, if any. Move barrels into or out of the batch by dragging in the lists at the bottom. Any barrels that are in use by other batches will have those sessions ended and the barrels will move to the selected batch to minimize the amount of data entry you need to do.

Barrel Assignment no labelsAdditionally, you can view barrel usage for each Batch from the Batch Detail by going to the Barrel tab. All Barrel Sessions are listed along with durations, this makes it easy to determine how much oak your wine has received and help you decide when its ready for bottling.

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