Batches & Processes

Batch Detail

Monitor every aspect of your winemaking process, from crush through fermentation to aging and bottling. CellarMetrics creates Batch records for the various wines you have under production, stores measurement data, and keeps running totals of the days spent in each phase in Processes. These include Primary Fermentation, Malolactic Fermentation, Cold or Extended Macerations, Barrel Aging, etc. Having a record of Process times is important for developing your winemaking skills, and having them accessible later when you are comparing your wines is an essential to this.


Process List


Charts for Brix, pH and Temperature are automatically generated as you add data. With Primary Fermentation, charts are a convenient way to monitor progress as unexpected changes are easy to recognize.



Another useful feature in the Batch record is the ability to create Reminders. You can set up SO2 and Rack reminders that trigger at regular intervals. Or you can have a reminder monitor Brix measurements and notify you when a given value or percent drop in Brix has been reached. These are useful for chaptalizing or adding yeast nutrients. Finally, you can set a specific date reminder to notify you for any reason, to take a wine out of barrel because its close to done, to rack after a fining,etc.


 SO2 Rack ReminderGeneral Reminder

-Reports, Reports, Reports

Print reports in a number of ways. You can print an Event Summary, which lists all of the Management and Adjustment Events in the timeline. The Note Summary contains all of the Notes you have attached to the Events, and the Batch Report is a complete listing of all of the important data associated with the Batch from its creation to the present. You can also choose from a list of Events you want to see in the report: Sulfite, Nutrient, TA Adjustments, etc.

Report Dialog

Here is what a printed report looks like:

Report Printout

-Create Blends

The Blend Generator allows you to make blends from your active Batches. Specify the volumes you wish to include one-by-one and after you complete the process CellarMetrics will record the blend as a new Batch. If you are monitoring Expenses, the correct percentage of each parent batch’s costs will be moved to the blend for you.

Blend Generator