Blend Planner

The Blend Planner enables you to experiment with different blends created from your list of active Batches. It does not actually build new Batches, it is more for experimentation and planning purposes. You can create any number of Blend Plans, each containing up to 6 blends, and save the Plans for future reference when it comes time to actually make up your blends. You can also print the Blend Detail records so you can take a copy into the cellar when you are ready to mix up your final blend.

Blend Planner 1

Each Blend Detail can contain up to 8 wines, see below. You can allocate each wine’s volume in the blend by entering gallons or liters, or by its percentage of the total blend volume.

Blend Detail 1

If you are targeting a fixed total volume, say 30 gallons, you can set that by selecting “PERCENTAGES: with set Total Volume” and enter the amount.

Blend Detail 2

Finally, if you choose to specify your blend components by a ratio, clicking the “Volume by Ratio” button takes you to a layout where you can enter the ratios numerically. CellarMetrics will then calculate the correct percentage, and volume if appropriate.

Specify Volume