Manage & Adjust

Record events such as racking and bottling, and adjustments including acid and SO2 management. Events are defined as either Management Events or Adjustment Events.

-Management Events

Management Events denote process manipulations: Crush, Inoculation, Press and so on. Create the Event record and choose from the preset list (or add your own custom Events). Certain Events begin or end Processes. Once the yeast is active in your must, create a new “Primary Fermentation: Start” Event. CellarMetrics initiates the Primary Fermentation process and begins monitoring days spent. When Primary is over, create a “Primary Fermentation: Finish” Event and the process will terminate, with the total time recorded in the Process List.

New Management Event

Other Management Events allow you to record Brix or Specific Gravity readings, monitor pH, Temperature, and record Racking, Barrel Aging, and Bottling.  All are preserved in the timeline. See the User Guide for an example of an Event timeline.


-Adjustment Events These record additions to the batch to adjust its balance. This includes sulfite management, chaptalization, acid balance and saignée.  Each type of Adjustment Event has a calculator which accurately figures the amount of the addition and records it to the timeline. You will always know the last time you checked on your wine’s chemistry, which is super important to successful winemaking.


  Lower Brix



-Event Summary

Print an Event Summary to generate a list of all of the Management and Adjustment Events that have occurred during the Batch’s history. Handy for at-a-glance reference, especially if you need to consult with another party regarding a problem that might have developed with your wine.


Event Report