Installing CellarMetrics on a Mac is a very simple process. CellarMetrics is a packaged application that will reside in your Applications folder and appear as a single icon. It must remain there for future updates to be applied.  Be aware that your data resides inside of this package, meaning that you must be careful not to delete it or you will loose whatever information you have entered into the program. To archive the file you can simply copy it by holding down the Option key and dragging the file to the desired location outside of the Applications folder.  This will leave the main program in place.


*Important: Do not perform a full install if you have previously installed CellarMetrics, you will completely overwrite your data.


-Full Install

  • Download the full install file, found on the Downloads page. When the download is complete, look in your UserHome/Downloads folder for the InstallCellarMetrics_v**.zip  file, double click to unzip.
  • Double click on the unzipped file, InstallCellarMetrics_v**.  This is the Installer Package.
  • On OSX 10.9 and later you may see a warning dialog depending on your Security settings. You will need to temporarily alter your settings to allow the installation.


Security Warning Mac 2



  • Go into your System Preferences and click the Security & Privacy pane.
  • If you see the notice “InstallCellarMetrics_v** was blocked from opening…” click the Open Anyways button. If not, unlock the pane and select the “Anywhere” button. Then go back to the downloads folder and locate the unzipped Installer Package to proceed. Make sure you return later to Security & Privacy to restore your previous settings.


Security Preferences 2


  • The Apple Installer will now open, click Continue on the first screen.
  • The next screen may ask you to select a destination, highlight Install for all users of this computer and click Continue. If this screen does not appear, nothing is wrong, just proceed to the next step.
  • If there are Important Notes they will appear on the next screen. Click Continue when ready.
  • The Installation Type dialog will appear, with a notice about how much space CellarMetrics will require on your hard disk. Click Install. (You cannot change the location of the installed file)
  • The installer will run the and notify you when it is complete.


Installer Successful


  • Close the installer and go to your Applications folder to locate the CellarMetrics program.
  • Drag it into your Dock to make it available from there.
  • Click to open CellarMetrics!


-Upgrading CellarMetrics

  • Download the most recent Upgrade file, found on the Downloads page. When the download is complete, look in your UserHome/Downloads folder for the UpgradeCellarMetrics_v**.zip  file, double click to unzip.
  • Double click on the unzipped file, UpgradeCellarMetrics_v**.  This is the Installer Package.
  • Run the Installer as above, it will replace the appropriate files to upgrade CellarMetrics and notify you when it is finished.
  • Open CellarMetric and click OK when you are asked if you want to upgrade.
  • That’s it, you’re upgraded!


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