CellarMetrics is Shareware.  You may download and use the program, if you are pleased with it please make a $25 payment via PayPal to:

CellarMetrics runs on OSX version 10.6 (Tiger) and later, including v10.12 Sierra.

Installation Instructions can be found in the User Guide, there are also entries for installing on either platform in the Blog. For questions email us at:



Program and Upgrade Versions

Download the full Mac program Version 2.23.

The Upgrade will upgrade all licensed versions to Version 2.23. *NOTE: You should always make an archive copy of your CellarMetrics Program before you run the upgrade. See What’s New for a list of features that have been added.


Yeast Data

Download the Yeast Data supplement. Unzip the file and select “Upgrade Yeast Data” from the File menu in CellarMetrics to install.


Export Templates for Excel

Click to download.