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CellarMetrics version 2.16 is now available with powerful new features:

  • The new Blend Planner allows you to experiment with blend ideas from your current Batches. Creat plans in a variety of ways and save or print them out. Powerful and useful.
  • Brix Chart Comparison graphs. Graph any Batch’s Brix Chart against that of any other to see how they compare. Useful for year to year comparisons of a give source of fruit and yeast.
  • Brix, pH and TA popups in the Batch Detail have a new feature which displays the list of measurements along with the start and stop dates of any significant Management Events. This creates better context for the historical data. Access through an item at the end of each popup menu named “Show with Events”.
  • There is a new option for showing the Year of Vintage in the Batch Name popup menu in the Batch Detail (navigates to a different active Batch). Makes it easy to distinguish between Batches from different years that might have the same name. Turn on or off in Preferences.
  • Support for metric weights (kg) in calculating must volume from the total weight of fruit when creating a new batch.
  • Potential Alcohol Calculator has been improved for using the “Progressive Winemaking” method.
  • Tasting Notes feature added, customized notes can be added to each Batch and printed out. Many fields included so you can reference source vineyards, blend components, ABV, pH, etc.
  • Awards: any awards won in competitions can be attached to a given Batch. Select the Awards tab.
  • Standalone Brix Calculator added to Tools. Converts hydrometer readings and adjusts if the must temperature is different than the calibration temperature.

In addition to work on new features, we are adding Blog entries and expanding the User Guide to cover more of CellarMetrics’s functionality.

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