Upgrade History

Upgrade History:  a list of features and fixes that have been applied to CellarMetrics, by version number:

Version 2.16

1. Tasting Notes feature added, customized notes can be added to each Batch and printed out. Many fields included so you can reference source vineyards, blend components, ABV, pH, etc.

2. Awards: any awards won in competitions can be attached to a given Batch. Select the Awards tab.

3. Standalone Brix Calculator added to Tools. Converts hydrometer readings and adjusts if the must temperature is different than the calibration temperature.

4. A previous software edit that caused “Filter” and “Bottle” to be excluded from the Management Event menu was fixed. Both are back and selectable.


Version 2.11

1. Execution speed improved in Batch List and Batch Detail layouts.


Version 2.0

1. The new Blend Planner allows you to experiment with blend ideas from your current Batches. Creat plans in a variety of ways and save or print them out. Powerful and useful.

2. Brix Chart Comparison graphs. Graph any Batch’s Brix Chart against that of any other to see how they compare. Useful for year to year comparisons of a give source of fruit and yeast.

3. Brix, pH and TA popups in the Batch Detail have a new feature which displays the list of measurements along with the start and stop dates of any significant Management Events. This creates better context for the historical data. Access through an item at the end of each popup menu named “Show with Events”.

4. There is a new option for showing the Year of Vintage in the Batch Name popup menu in the Batch Detail (navigates to a different active Batch). Makes it easy to distinguish between Batches from different years that might have the same name. Turn on or off in Preferences.

5. Support for metric weights (kg) in calculating must volume from the total weight of fruit when creating a new batch.

6. Potential Alcohol Calculator has been improved for using the “Progressive Winemaking” method.

7. Various minor bugs squashed.


Version 1.19

1. A new Sulfite History Report has been added, available from the “Reports” button in the Batch Detail.

2. You can compare Brix Charts from any batch to the current one. Go to the Batch Detail and click the Compare button. The measurement interval should be the same in both batches for accurate comparisons.

3. You can now add custom notifications to any Management Event. These will display in a dialog box after the the Management Event is chosen and accepted. Go to Preferences and select the Event Notifications tab.


Version 1.14-1.18

1. Various minor bugs squashed.


Version 1.13

1. CellarMetrics now monitors your recorded temperatures during Primary Fermentation and displays the maximum temperature reached in a field in the Batch Detail. Additional support for users of Celsius temperature system.

2. The Blend Generator calculates projected pH, TA and ABV% for the blend based on the current readings for each of the components. Also there is a standalone Blend Calculator where you can add portions of any of your batches to see what those numbers might be if they were blended together.


Version 1.12

1. There is now a choice of 4 different methods by which Potential Alcohol % is calculated from a Batch’s Starting Brix. Preferences has detailed information on each method and a popup menu for choosing one.


Version 1.11 

1. Many new Reports are available in the Batch Detail. All Reports are accessible from the “Reports” button in the button bar.


Version 1.1 

1. Barrel Management has been added. Allows you to assign a code to each barrel. Thereafter, you can link that barrel to any Batch and track the number of days it spent storing wine. Also monitors your barrels’ depletion.

2. Other features include improved Fermentation Additive data entry and the ability to save Reminders as presets.


Version 1.04

1. Refined the function of the Add Item dialog box in the New Invoice process, tallies update more smoothly.  Fixed a minor bug that rounded off cents to dollars in the Total field. Fixed a popup that did not correctly display “In Stock” bottles in the Bottle Summary.


Version 1.03

1. Refined the Choice List, the dialog that pops up when accessing certain fields allowing user to make choices from a list.  Adding and Removing items is now more gracefully executed.

2. Fixed Tabs that weren’t showing up for Brix Chart, pH Chart, Temp Chart in the Batch Detail layout.


Version 1.02

1. Fixed a minor issue that caused the Sulfite Calculator (standalone version in Tools menu) to ignore the new Molecular Sulfite defaults for Red and White wines. This caused calculated SO2 target values for whites to be slightly low. The issue only affected the Tools version of the calculator, the Batch version, which opens when you create a new Sulfite Adjustment event, was functioning properly.


Version 1.01

*Recommended for all who are using the Demo, BEFORE installing a license number.

1. Added support for several foreign currencies, including Euros, Yen/Yuan and Pounds.

2. General Reminders were renamed “Reminders”

3. A bug was fixed that prevented the entire list of Management Events from loading properly in the Demo.

4. A bug was fixed that prevented the default lists for Varietals and Clones from loading properly in the Demo.

5. A bug was fixed that could cause an error dialog when an expired Demo is then opened with a license number.


Version 1.0, Full Release

1. Online Help added to the Tools menu, opens a web browser to the Introduction page of the User Guide.

2. Context sensitive Online Help buttons added to various layouts. Clicking on them opens a web browser to the appropriate chapter in the User Guide.


Beta Version 0.69 or 0.70

1. An Invoice system has been added. You can now generate invoices for sales of bottles and/or cases in your Inventory, provided that you created them at the time of bottling. If you specify prices in the Bottles and Cases records, the newly created invoice will look them up for you and calculate totals automatically. Additionally, Bottle and Case records will be noted as “Sold,” with date, customer and sales price information attached.

2. There is a printable Sales Report feature that lists any sales from a given vintage, with totals calculated. It also provides information on the non-sales allocation of bottles and cases, ie. those that have the status: “Drank From Cellar,” “Gave as Gift,” “Opened at Tasting,” etc.

3. There are now 2 default fields for Molecular SO2. One is for Reds and Red Blends, the other is for Whites, White Blends, Roses, and Rose Blends. This is because it is generally accepted that different levels of SO2 are required for each group. If you have any blends in your active Batch List, you will need to specify exactly what type of blend each is. You will be prompted to do this at install. If the blend components simply contain different yeasts in the same varietal, chose Red, White or Rose. If you blended different varietals or clones chose Red Blend, White Blend or Rose Blend.

4. There is a new column in the Batch List for Reminders. Any Batch that has a pending Reminder set will show a green checkmark, when the Reminder date is reached the checkmark will turn red. Dialog boxes will also appear at startup to notify you when a General Reminder has been activated.


Beta Version 0.68

1. You can now install CellarMetrics on a second machine or on a portable memory device such as a Flash Drive or external hard disk and move between 2 computers that you have registered the program on.  See the User Guide under the “Authorizing 2nd Computer” tab at http://cellarmetrics.com/userguide-authorization.html for complete details on how to do this.

2. A feature called “Containers” has been added to the Adjust SO2 Adjustment Event. This enables you to specify the various containers you may have the batch divided into, barrels, carboys, etc. If you should choose to take a sulfite measurement from one container and go on the assumption that it generally reflects the sulfite levels of all of the containers,   the Containers feature will help you figure out the proportionate amount of sulfite to add to each container. See the User Guide under Adjustment Events for further explanation.

3. A new button, “SO2/Rack” has been added to the Batch List.  This presents a schedule of upcoming SO2 and Rack events in chronological order for any batches that have these alerts turned on.

4. Two “Export” buttons have been added to Batches. The first is in the Batch List. This will export all information for all Batches to a text file that can be imported into Excel.  The second is in the Batch Detail under the Expenses Tab beneath the Expense list. This will export all of the Expenses allocated to that Batch. Excel templates for importing the text can be found on the Downloads page of the CellarMetrics website at http://cellarmetrics.com/support/downloads/.

5. A Temperature Chart has been added to the Batch Detail. Like the Brix and pH Charts, it shows a plot of all temperature readings taken during the history of the Batch.

6. The new Company and Contacts Lists, available from the Mode menu, are places where you can store client information. If you are using Bottle and/or Case records, you can reference anyone in these lists when you gift, donate, trade or sell a case or bottle.


Beta Version 0.66

1. Standalone calculators are now available for TA, Chaptalization and Lowering Brix. Select from the new “Tools” menu.

2. Yeast Data is a new area of the program.  A list of yeasts and their fermentation characteristics is available as a download from the CellarMetrics website. Once installed, you can specify yeasts for your batches from a large list, and if you regularly enter Must Temperature during Primary Fermentation CellarMetrics will warn you when you are getting close to or exceeding the limits of the yeast’s safe operating range. Warnings can be turned on or off for any batch. You may also add your own yeasts to the list.

3. Reminders is another new area of CellarMetrics. Reminders can be added from the Batch Detail layout for that Batch. “General” reminders have a specific date and can include a custom message. “Brix Trigger” reminders instruct CellarMetrics to alert you during Primary Fermentation when the must has reached a specified Brix or percent drop in Brix, handy for remembering to add yeast nutrients or chaptalizing.

4. List behavior has been altered to make sure that your list modifications are saved with the database. This is important to protect your custom entries from being overwritten by upgrades, which up to now has been the case.  You will need to enter new items in these lists: “Clones” and “Varietals” in the New Batch layout; “Additives” in the “Primary Fermentation: Start” Management Event and also the New Adjustment Event layout.

5. The popup for selecting the type of Adjustment Event has been altered, “Add Yeast Nutrient” and “Add Malolactic Nutrient” have been merged as “Add Nutrient.”  The layout allows entry of specific information about your additive.

6. A graph of must/juice temperatures is available as a 3rd tab in the Batch Detail.

7. A new Management Event, “Perform Saignee” has been added to the event list.


Beta Version 0.64

1. Minor bugs have been squashed

2. Enabled the use of hydrometers reading either Specific Gravity or Brix. Choose a default in Preferences or change it on the fly from the Add Management Event dialog.

3. Batch Report is now activated by a button in Batch Detail instead of by a menu command.  Brings up an onscreen report first that can then be printed.

4. Bottle Inventory capabilities continue to improve, though still under construction.  You can now change the name of your bottles from the one you entered at bottling time.  This is done from a button in the Bottle Summary.