Assign Barrels

Assigning Barrels to your batches is done by choosing Assign Barrels from the Function menu.

Note that the current date is selected, you cannot post date a barrel assignment so you should assign your barrels as soon as possible after you fill or empty them.

Select your batch from the Batch List. If it currently has barrels assigned to it they will appear in the lower right list. Any other barrels in your inventory will show up on the lower left. To empty a barrel the batch is currently using, drag it from the right list ("Used by Batch") to the left ("Not Used by Batch"). Or select and click the left arrow button. Your Barrel Volume will adjust.

To assign any barrel to the batch drag from left to right, or select and hit the right arrow button. Should you select a barrel that is assigned to another batch, it is assumed that you have emptied it already, or will shortly.

If your selected barrel volume exceeds your batch size by 1 liter or more, a warning will appear. This will not prevent you from accepting the assignment.

When finished, click Accept and all Barrel, Barrel Session and Batch records will be updated accordingly. The Barrel Session record for any barrel moved from another Batch will be ended as of the date, and a new session will be created with the current Batch assigned.