Event Timeline

Both Management Events and Adjustment Events are among the most powerful features of CellarMetrics. They create a timeline for the batch of wine, and keep both current and past information at your fingertips. Some events start Processes that run until they the corresponding ending event is selected. Processes record the total number of duration days for each and display in a list in the Batch Detail.

Following is an example of what the event timeline might look like for a batch that is close to finished. A portion was split off on 8/31/13 to a blend, note the "Batch Divided" record, the remainder is in glass ready for bottling. Hopefully it will illustrate the overall concept of event entry. You are of course free to choose your own sequence based on your particular process, CellarMetrics is very flexible here. Creating blends, dividing or retiring batches causes new batch records to be initiated, and these will each have their own timelines. Note that the parent batch timeline is not duplicated into the new batch.

This Event List can be printed at any time from a button in the Batch Detail.