CellarMetrics User Guide

CellarMetrics is a comprehensive database program that is designed to assist winemakers during the process of making wine. It is based on the idea of using individual records for batches of wine and attaching events to each along way. These events represent the various manipulations made to the batches, from crush through bottling, and create a timeline of the wine's development. There are calculators for determining the correct amounts of additives necessary to adjust sugar levels, sulfite concentration, acid balance and perform saignée that are simple, quick and accurate. At any point along the way, the user can see how long various processes have been running: fermentation, maceration, barrel aging and more, so he or she is always in command of the workflow. As most experienced winemakers will confirm, this is one of the keys to avoiding problems both during production and also later on after the wine is bottled.

This User Guide is accessible from the CellarMetrics program in 2 ways.

1. In the Tools menu, select Online Help to open your web browser to this page.


2. In many of the layouts you will see a button on the right in the header with a question mark on it. This is context sensitive and clicking on it will take you to the appropriate chapter in this guide.

Since this button is located in the Batch Detail, it will open the Batches chapter.