New Barrel

Entering new barrels is done by going to the Barrel List (Mode/Barrels) and clicking on the Add button.

Enter a code to identify the barrel, this must be unique to each barrel, and the volume in whichever units you wish. There are fields for manufacturer and type of wood, as well as the condition the barrel was acquired in. If it was acquired in used condition, you can enter the amount of usage in days if you know it. Should you wish to import a barrel that you have owned for some time and have stored wine in, click the Import button to enter the months and days of use you have put on the barrel. This will be added on to any current use to get a running total that you can view in the Barrel Detail layout.

One useful feature for keeping track of the codes you have assigned to previously entered barrels is the Barrel Inventory list on the right. The popup contains all of your current barrel sizes, select one to see a list of barrels in that size.

If you double click on any of the listed barrels, the fields to the left will populate with the data for that barrel. This speeds data entry if your new barrel is from the same manufacturer, but note that you must change the Barrel Code as CellarMetrics will not allow duplicates.