Reminders help you remember to do things. They are specific to a given batch, and pop up in that batch's detail when they trigger. You can set a General reminder with a date and message, or a Brix Trigger that is activated during fermentation when the must arrives at a given Brix value or percent drop in Brix.


Set a Reminder

From the Batch Detail, choose Set Reminder from the Tools menu.

Choose "Reminder" from the Type popup for a date activated Reminder. Pick a date and add a message. You can choose a standard period from the popup.

For a Brix activated Reminder, choose Brix Trigger from the Type popup.

You can choose a Brix value for the trigger, or a percent drop in Brix and add a message if necessary. When the measured Brix of the must reaches the target value the Reminder will appear.

For commonly used Reminders, you can save a Preset. Select the type of Reminder, click the Save as Preset button and give the Preset a name. Once saved it will be available in the Presets popup menu.


When a Remider activates, it will appear in the following dialog box:


Click Delete to remove, Retain to keep it. If you retain the Reminder will not pop up again, but will create a flag in the upper right area of the Batch Detail so that you will not forget about it.


Modify Reminders

To view and modify any Reminder, go Tools/Show Reminders from the Batch Detail. A list will appear allowing you to modify or delete any that are set for that Batch.